Traveler Watch Face

by SmartWatchStudio


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Traveler Watch Face is a cool, modern and stylish interactive watch face for your Android Wear device. Sporty design, high readability, luxury look. It includes a great kit of useful widgets. Keep the right direction with integrated compass. Pedometer widget will help to track your steps. Missed calls and unread SMS counter.Just invent an idea for your new travel and go ahead!Works on Moto 360, Moto 360-2, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear Live, Asus ZenWatch, Huawei Watch and other Wear devices. Looks great on both round and square displays.Key features:✔ Interactive watch face!✔ Set of widgets adjusted directly on the smart watch! Tap on "3" hour mark to switch right widget Tap on "9" hour mark to switch left widget Tap on "12" hour mark to move clock hands over widgets or move it back again.✔ 3 stylish themes - Carbon, Blue Stone and Olive.✔ Month/Date✔ Day of the week✔ Analog time✔ 12/24 hour digital time✔ second time zone digital time✔ moon phase and day✔ Watch battery level✔ Phone battery level✔ Interactive stopwatch with popup panel✔ Temperature (Celcius/Fahrenheit)✔ Weather with popup panels with additional info. ✔ Weather forecast info for 3 days✔ Compass synchronized with your Watch embedded compass✔ Step counter synchronized with your Watch embedded pedometer (steps, km, miles)✔ Smooth seconds✔ Stop watch and timer.✔ Heart rate ✔ Missed calls ✔ Unread SMS ✔ Popup panel with missed calls list and unread sms reader tab.✔ Popup panel for step counter info.Settings:✔ Show/hide compass (hidden by default)✔ Select weather update period✔ Select temperature unit (Fahrenheit,Celsius)✔ Select distance unit (steps,km,miles)✔ Switch digital time between AM/PM and 24-hour mode✔ Smooth seconds on/off✔ Select widget for right/left dials✔ Screen timeout option.
To install:1. After install run Resync app on Android Wear App.2. Long press your android wear watch and choose Traveler Watch Watch Face as your watch face. To change the watch face theme please tap the watch face icon in Android Wear app and select theme.
Sometimes theres a delay getting the watch face on the watch from your phone, please dont worry and wait up to 10 minutes. This is not caused by the watch face, but Bluetooth LE has limited upload speed.
Common Synchronization problem & solution.If the App doesnt appear on your watch please do the following:- make sure the app is successfully downloaded and installed on your phone. Check Applications Manager- uninstall the watch face- disconnect watch from phone- restart your watch device- reconnect watch and phone- install the Traveler watch face once again
In case of any problem, please don’t rate it 1-star, contact us on [email protected] and give us maximum 24 hours to solve that.